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Mission Statement:
Teaching mindfulness, divinity within, and oneness with all. My focus is not on the attainment of a perfected physical pose but the practice of opening up hearts to the beauty to be found in each day and in every situation. To demonstrate that with steadfast honest hard work of a consistent Yoga practice, unification of the body, mind and spirit will manifest perfect health.

My mandate is to build exquisite places of refuge where my students can dedicate time for themselves and discover their limitless potential. A place that challenges the mind, heals the body, and strengthens ones spirit.

My Values are gratitude, compassion, respect, ethics, professionalism and lifelong learning.

My yoga experience:

I stumbled into my first yoga class with no idea what to expect back in 1997. I knew very little about yoga, but found myself bored with the traditional methods of working out. I would spend an hour in the gym four times a week and still end up in the doctor's office discussing my fatigue, episodes of being dizzy or lightheaded (due to hypoglycemia). Running would give me shin splints and back pain etc.
So, in search of a healthy, fit body I decided to try yoga. At first I wasn't sure what to think. The teacher spent hours discussing how to breathe properly. I just wanted to work out, burn calories, sweat and feel the pain. I felt that was what I needed to get the desired results.

Today, I can tell you honestly that attending that class on that day, was the best thing for my overall quality of life that I could have ever done. I studied astanga yoga with that teacher for the next five years, becoming fairly advanced and truly changed. As I became more connected to my body through the unification of yoga I found that rolled onto my lifestyle. I quit smoking, I started eating healthier, as I strengthened my spine and balanced my blood sugar through the many asanas designed for overall health my back pain went away and I never experienced low blood sugar or anxiety again. I transitioned into hot yoga 7 years ago and since have used my astanga experience to practice, power, vinyasa flow all in heated environments.

It is my goal in life to ignite as many people as I possibly can with the passion for health and fitness in every aspect of their lives. Yoga is truly a way to connect with your body leaving you no other option but to listen when it talks.


Lyndsie Couet 

I have been practicing yoga with passion and consistency since 2011. I began learning about and practicing yoga in 2002 when I was in college then did Bikram Yoga for a short while in 2004, but my practice was inconsistent. It was after working in law enforcement for several years that I came back to my practice for physical health and fitness as well as stress relief. It quickly became apparent that yoga would remain a necessary part in my life. It’s made such a difference in my health, happiness and overall satisfaction with life that I decided I wanted to share my passion for yoga with others, and serve, help and heal people with it.

My goals as a teacher are to impart joy and passion for yoga to others, to get them hooked on yoga not just as a way to fitness, but as a way to operate in life. I want to help others listen to their bodies and gain self-awareness, while encouraging a positive self-image and feelings of empowerment. To do this, I focus the class on proper form and technique, prioritize alignment and safety, and string it all together with my unique delivery of enthusiasm, fun, and words of encouragement.

I love to learn and experience life, and have always had the desire to serve and help others. My experience in law enforcement communications as a 911 and police dispatcher and supervisor has equipped me with the ability to diffuse stressful situations, handle upset people, and function quickly with a clear head. I have a keen understanding of what happens off the yoga mat in society and the ability to appreciate the importance of the time a student is able to spend in a yoga class. Not knowing what reasons a student comes to class or what situation they are walking through in life, it is my goal to approach each student with kindness, respect and help them with yoga from the outside in.

In order to reach my goals, I continue to attend training and workshops whenever available, and read books and articles on yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, health and nutrition. I have aspirations to attain Prenatal Yoga Certification, and desire to reach out to the military veteran and law enforcement population with yoga to aid in health and stress management as well as the feelings of isolation they experience as a way to give back to my “family” of those that put the lives of others before their own. 

My approach to learning is twofold, in that I approach my practice and journey as ever-evolving and improving, seeking to learn new things to integrate into my life, but also that which will make me a better teacher and resource for others. I reach out to students and other teachers for feedback to better my skills, class and delivery, understanding that constructive criticism is a necessary means toward improvement.My personal practice includes hot, hatha, vinyasa, sculpt and yin yoga and I desire to learn to teach them all.

My goals for my students are to love yoga as much as I do, get in and out of postures safely, become healthier and happier in their lives on and off the mat, and ultimately spread kindness to others.


 Alex Baker

Intelligent and Harmonious Movement
Alex has been a dedicated Hatha Yoga practitioner for over ten years. She continues to discover joy and humility through the efforts of her practice. Alex finds inspiration from the Krishnamacharya lineage including the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, A.G. & Indra Mohan, Donna Farhi & Judith Lasater. Alex has a gentle and encouraging teaching style, meeting each individual student exactly where they are at within their practice. She creatively focuses on building the relationship between our breath and our physical body. Alex’s classes will increase your physical strength & flexibility in addition to deepen your awareness of the healing qualities found within your breath. While exploring a full range of asanas with Alex, you can expect to learn more about the ancient philosophical teachings from Patanjali’s Sutras as well as learning how to better support yourself within the seasons through the science of Ayurveda. Alex is a 2009 graduate from the 8 Limbs Teacher Training Program and is excited to share the wonderful therapeutic benefits of yoga with you.

  Brittany Schirman

I have always had an interest in wellness and am pursuing a career in helping others. I am a big advocate for an active lifestyle, and have participated in numerous sports, fitness programs and competitive dance throughout my life. While in college, I studied psychology and learned about the holistic wellness approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. My interest in the study of the mind, and the care of the body, lead me straight to yoga. I am an active student in all things yoga and enjoy sharing the benefits of yoga with others through my teaching. 

 Suzanne Marquardt ~

ryt200; trained at Yandara Yoga Institute

I started practicing yoga daily after the birth of my second son in 2010.  I had gained a lot of weight and in need of an outlet to reconnect with myself.  My yoga practice changed my life; physically, spiritually and mentally.  I learned to live in the present and truly love myself.  This enables me to give and receive love from others in a deeper more meaningful way.  I believe in focusing on the present moment with a deep gratitude for each step along the way.  I strive to find the union of inner strength and surrender when teaching and practicing yoga

Anne Laurel 

I fell in love with yoga when I was nineteen and never looked back. I was a team sports girl who had never been able to touch my toes and thought that I was one of those people who should never do yoga. Little did I realize that there is no such person, and if you feel that way you usually need it more than most! I had fought a losing battle with depression throughout my teenage years, and as soon as I began to practice I found that yoga aligned not just my spine, but my mind.

As the daughter of a doctor, I know the importance that lies within taking care of the body, and as a yogi I know the connection the corporal being has with the soul. You cannot take care of one without loving the other, and I know that yoga is accessible to all ages and body types. One of the most important things we learn from yoga is to quiet the mind, if for no more than a moment; to be present, to be open, to be free.

I am a RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance,  certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Yoga Sculpt, trained and mentored by some of the greatest teachers in the Puget Sound area. I believe practicing loving kindness is more important than a perfect pose, and know myself blessed to serve students who love themselves through yoga as I do!



Gina Masterson~
When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2003 I found yoga and enjoyed every moment.  I tried to keep my practice but as time went on life got busy and my practice seemed to disappear.  I started to realize that I was always stressed, uptight, couldn’t sleep and never made time for myself.  Then a close friend of mine passed away and my world stopped.  I was down on life but at that right moment I found Hot Yoga.  Slowly I learned how to breathe again and realized how important yoga is in my life.

I decided that I needed to further my studies with Yoga and researched into becoming an instructor.  I can truly say that it was to most challenging thing I have done.  Becoming an instructor has been such a rewarding experience.  Every time I walk into a class I feel truly blessed to lead students, their energy fills and warms my heart.  I too am a student and continue to learn every day.  As I tell my students, listen to your heart, feel how it beats, never give up on your dream because your heart won’t give up, so you shouldn’t give up.



Robin Martin-

Robin’s yoga journey began in May of 2000 when she took her first yoga class. A friend had been urging her to try yoga for years, but she resisted because of her active lifestyle and skepticism of the benefits of yoga versus her gym routine. That first class changed her perception of yoga and she found herself seeking more. Robin found incorporating breath with body movement allowed her to let go of the stresses of daily life. She learned how to apply the simple beauty she found on the mat to her life off of the mat.

Robin is very passionate about her yoga practice and the joy it brings to her life. As a result, she decided to become a yoga teacher to share her knowledge and passion. Robin received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification through Tiffany Cruikshank Yoga. In addition to Tiffany, she has studied with Edward Clark, Baron Baptiste, Richard Freeman and Gregor Singleton, to name a few. While her teaching focus is vinyasa yoga, she is constantly exploring different styles, growing and evolving her own practice. She believes yoga is accessible to anyone willing to take the first step on their own personal yoga journey.

Danielle Zissou 


is a well-known yoga teacher and personal trainer from the greater Seattle area. Danielle is certified by Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT and holds national certifications in personal training, from ACSM and ACE. Danielle specialized in coaching Ironman triathletes and marathoners for several years at the Bellevue PRO Sports Club, and most recently has formed her own Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher training program with colleague and mentor Ashley Bernard.  Prior to her career in fitness, Danielle worked as a social worker, helping people in crisis maximize their potential too. Over the last 12 years, she has taught over 10,000 hours of yoga and fitness, and is certified in Power, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. 

Adrianne Peterson 





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