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A Home for the courageous, Truth-seekers; the leaders in the crusade for change and a better world. A community of support and strength when you need someone to lean on.

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I am always amazed by the incredible willingness to be of service our community has! Selfless-service, compassion and acts of kindness are the attributes of a true YOGI


Slow Flow Yoga Nidra is back!!


Introduction to power workshop
With Debbie Dixon


Sound Bath Yoga Flow


Daniella White

Sunday May 4th 2014


$20 per person

Please join us for a special yoga sound bath Daniella. A Sound Bath will help you release negative emotions, patterns and tension held in the body and mind. Through the application of sound and positive intent, we can bring balance to the mind and body. Frequency can be utilized to shift matter and consciousness, and positive vibration can be healing medicine for the body and spirit.

Please wear comfortable yoga clothing, and bring anything additional you may need to feel comfortable lying on the floor during savasana.

 If you haven’t ever experienced a Sound Healing , you will want to join us for this amazing opportunity! This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

A sound Bath is a concert of sacred sounds. The term sound bath is used because you are bathed in vibrations of all the instruments used. Daniella will play a combination of Paiste planetary gongs and Crystal singing bowls during the sound bath. You will just lay on the floor with a mat or blanket and take in the sound!

Healing Benefits of Sound 

~Helps promote better sleep

~Balances energy levels

~Decreases depression, stress and anxiety

~Reduces physical and emotional pain

~Increases immunity

~Clears stuck emotions and energetic blocks

~Balances the Chakras

~Helps you experience more peace and joy

and more!!!


 I am always amazed by the incredible willingness to be of service our community has! Selfless-service, compassion and acts of kindness are the attributes of a true YOGI


I thought I should share some of the incredible ways our community stands up and MAKES a DIFFERENCE!  

~Every year we collect an abundance of healthy, high quality foods for northwest harvest. We place this food in boxes with an understanding that eventually this food will find it's way into the bellies of those in need. This year was a little different however. I was able to witness first hand the DIFFERENCE YOU make. One afternoon this winter I was coming out of a workshop at the studio and found a woman and her young son sitting in the waiting area. One of my students informed me that she was waiting to speak with me. The boy, was covering his face with his hood avoiding looking at me as if he was ashamed. "Hi, may I help you?" I said. "Ummm.. yes ma'am, ummm... I have never done this before ma'am." she stops for a moment and looks away gathering her strength. Taking a deep breath , she continues..."But, the other day I was walking by your windows and I looked in and saw the food in those boxes. I have three more of these at home." She says pointing at her son, and we are completely out of food. I didn't even let her finish as I was trying to hold back tears, not understanding how it is possible that in a society of more than enough for so many how it can even be possible to be in the presence of a hungry child. I told her she was welcome to grab as much as she could carry. I found some grocery bags and watched as her son excitedly dug through the boxes filling his bags. They must have said thank you 10 times before they left. I handed her an envelope with some money and prayed for them that night.

I thought you should know how incredible YOU are! Thank you SEVEN COMMUNITY!!!!!!

 We have raised money for too many charities to mention and I have donated my time as well to earth corp., DAWN, YWCA, our local food bank, just to name a few. In March our Gina is putting together a clothing drive to help those in need so get ready to start cleaning out your closets!!


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